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per month
This month's inward journey includes:
➳ Enjoy 30 days of unlimited yoga + meditation classes.
➳ Experience the benefits of chanting and develop a personal practice.
➳ Explore self-healing classes from special guest teachers on using crystals, herbs and essential oils, Reiki healing, rituals, creating a sacred space, and much more.

*this is a monthly subscription where each month you are taken on a personal journey into ancient practices and embodiment experiences designed to support you on your path. You can cancel at any time.


Each yoga class is different, no day is ever the same. Just like the seasons and circumstances, our yoga practice needs to adjust to the world around us. We work on many different aspects of the yoga practice, not just the physical practice, but also the breath work, energy clearing and philosophy, all weaved together.

I don't think you can really make a decision if a teacher is right for you until you've take at least three classes. This is the reason why I'm offering this class package. I look forward to meeting you and sharing space and time.